Currently Offered Products For Stock MOPAR Products built with the Mod Top option.
We will constantly be adding to this section so please check back often.
Here we have something different, this decal is for the "Mod Top Mopars" making a vinyl top is easy just use tape to cover the roof and trim where the Vinyl meets the body remove the tape in one peice and put it on paper now cut the paper around the tape and you have a pattern now use this pattern to cut out the decal and use thin plastic strips for the moldings. Our decal has enough for 2 roofs as well as the interior seat inserts
For blue order number GG-1039
For Yellow order number GG-1038

Here we have a model from our good friend and master modeler Kelly Coons, Kelly used one of our "Mod Top" decals to build this killer Barracuda it looks fantastic.Be sure to check out our tutorial on how to do this on top of this page.We wanted to let you see just how great your model can look using our decal, Kelly is from North Carolina, Thank you for letting us showcase your great model Kelly.

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